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Why Did the Waterproof Shade Net Used in Summer Crops?

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Why do summer crops choose waterproof shade net products? Summer drought is easy to reduce production of vegetables, many areas are covered with planting methods, the summer with plastic film vegetable planting effect is not good, because of the sultry, and it is difficult to be illuminated by light, the yield will not increase, shade net used to cover vegetable planting effect is good, and not only can prevent the sun Direct radiation and better protection of crops against birds.

In mulching cultivation, we should choose according to different needs. For example, it is difficult for Chinese cabbage, mustard and coriander to grow normally under the condition of high temperature and strong light in summer. The yield and quality of Chinese cabbage can be improved obviously by covering with shading net.

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Generally, shading net with high shading rate is selected, and waterproof shading net with moderate shading rate is generally suitable for delayed cultivation and mulching of eggplant fruits and vegetables in spring and summer. In winter and spring, it is better to choose the shading net with higher light transmittance. In summer and autumn, it is better to breed seedlings or slow seedlings for short-term coverage. Black shading net with low light transmittance is often used to prevent virus diseases. Silver grey net or black grey shading net can also be used.

For all-weather coverage, shading nets with shading rate less than 91%, or BLACK-GREY color matching nets, shading nets with high transmittance, should be used, covering with a single spacing of 18-39 cm, or covering with narrow shading.



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