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Why Did The Workers Use the Debris Safety Net?

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The safety net is used to protect people from injury, such as falling from heights by limiting the distance they fall. Its main function is that deflecting to dissipate the impact energy. Not only can be used to protect people from arresting falling or flying objects, but also can  be used in construction, building maintenance, entertainment or other industries.

plastic net

What's more the construction safety net can take heavy duty debris which can guarantee construction safety of construction workers. Meanwhile this kind of debris netting has excellent strength to protect you from falling down and being hurt. Due to the feature of debris safety netting, which polyethylene threads with reinforced border. So it's easily to install to beat the heavy duty. 


Colors available for plastic debris netting: Orange, blue, yellow, white, etc.

Forms of Supply: It is sold in rolls.

Technical Information:

Plastic debris safety netting is normally supplied in 4' width and 150' length in the form of knitted wire netting.

Materials available: Polyethylene threads with reinforced border.



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