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What's the Uses of Shade Net in Winter?

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When asked about the use of sunshade nets for friends, many friends answer that they can shade the sun in summer, but do not know that they can also use sunshade nets in winter. Next, shade net manufacturer will tell you about the use of web materials in winter.

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Winter temperatures are low, whether flowers and vegetables in the greenhouse, or green planting on both sides of the street, need a shade net, and the role of the shade net at this time is to keep warm and block the sand. There are many kinds of mesh needles produced by shading net manufacturers. The mesh with different needle numbers has different air permeability and density. Closer mesh has less air permeability, but the insulation effect is very good. Vegetables and flowers in greenhouses grow in winter, so it is necessary to keep the net warm.

In addition, the late autumn temperature is also relatively low, shading net manufacturers produce mesh at this time can play a role in heat preservation and antifreeze, to ensure the income of farmers. Therefore, the sun screen can not only be used in summer, winter can also play a very good role, the need for friends can always come to my factory to buy.



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