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What's Extruded Plastic Netting?

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The extruded plastic net is an all purpose plastic mesh that can be used for long lasting support netting of climbing plants, barrier fencing and tree guards. The common extruded plastic nets are bird net, plant support net, safety fence net. All of them are used to agriculture and construction. 

The extruded plastic net is made from quality material through extrusion process to form various plastic mesh and netting products. The common opening types fer extruded plastic mesh included rectangular, round and diamond mesh types, the conventional color includes orange, black, green, red, white and green.

extruded plastic net

Anti Bird nets are used to prevent bird damage of vegetable and fruit crops as well as seedlings. Frugivore birds and bats can cause great damages to farmers as they tend to peck one fruit, then go to another, therefore ruining a large percentage of otherwise commercially valuable production. Bird protection netting is applied directly on the stand-alone trees or espaliers like peaches, pears, apples, grapes, or on the side ventilation windows of growing tunnels as in the case of berries like strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cranberries.

Orange safety fence barrier is made of polyethylene materials is a highly visible barrier with oval mesh openings, UV protected. It has excellent strength to protect you from falling down and being hurt. This type plastic mesh is normally supplied in 4' width and 150' length in the form of knitted wire netting. 



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