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What is The Price of Waterproof Shade Net?

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Waterproof shade net is a new type of protective covering material for agriculture, fishing and animal husbandry in recent years. Summer mulching plays a role of light, rain, moisture, cooling, winter and spring mulching also has a certain effect of heat preservation and humidification. How much is the price of waterproof shade net?

First of all, we need to look at the material. At present, there are two kinds of shade net materials on the market, one is high-density polyethylene produced by petrochemical enterprises, the other is made of recycled old shade net or plastic products. It is understood that the sunshade net produced with recycled materials not only has low gloss and cleanliness, but also has a hard feel, and more pungent odor, and short service life. The HDPE shading screen is durable, durable and has a longer service life. Therefore, the relative price will be higher.

Secondly, we need to see the color of waterproof shading net. Waterproof shade net color mainly black, white, blue, silver gray, different colors of shade net play a different role, so the price will be different.

Third, look at the specifications. Waterproof shading net specifications 90cm, 200cm and so on are common in the general market. The price of shading net with different specifications is also different.

Fourth, look at the type. Waterproof shading net has three types of shading net, four-needle shading net, six-needle shading net and so on. The price of shading net is different for different types of shading net.

So we should pay more attention when buying shade net. Now there are two ways to sell shade net in the market: one is by area, the other is by weight. Vegetable farmers in the choice, do not rely solely on a way to buy, should be carefully compared to see the material density, in order to prevent illegal dealers selling inferior shade net.



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