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What is Function of Waterproof Shade net And What Do they Use For?

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What are the functions of waterproof shade net and what do they use for? Whether it's a friend of vegetable growers or the general public, you can answer one or two questions. However, perhaps you know the waterproof shade net is not comprehensive, the following waterproof shade net manufacturers for you to inventory the common use of shade net.

1. Application of greenhouse

Waterproof sunshade net has the effect of shading, cooling and increasing temperature, especially the black material of the greenhouse shading, has obvious ability to absorb heat and light and ultraviolet radiation, greatly reducing the heat inside the greenhouse, so that indoor eggplant, cucumber, pepper, beans, notoginseng and other crops to avoid burning by strong ultraviolet radiation.

waterproof shade net

2. Square, playground, kindergarten

When we talk about the use of waterproof shade net, we have to mention the role of interlaced sunscreen in summer, because the sunscreen is woven from polyethylene ribbons, although with many holes, but this does not affect its shading effect, in the plaza, playground, kindergarten outdoor venues Basically, we can see the colorful shading net produced by sunshade manufacturers.

3. The use of fields.

Whether it is spring, summer or autumn and winter, waterproof shade net manufacturer can appear in the field, vegetable greenhouse. This is because it plays a variety of roles in vegetable, flower and crop cultivation, such as heat preservation, anti-freezing, anti-frost, anti-smashing, shading and so on, which also makes it a common use in addition to one.



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