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What Should Be Paid Attention When Wholesale Waterproof Net?

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For users of waterproof net, it is necessary to master the practical skills of "practical skills: wholesale waterproof net manufacturer should pay attention to what" such practical skills, this can summarize their own purchase process problems, such as color, price, quantity, so as to accumulate more treasure for future purchase! 

1. Product quality

Good waterproof net mainly depends on the quality of the product itself, service life, for your own use to choose a suitable sunshade net, as for product quality will choose the manufacturer, the general choice of regular manufacturers to produce the quality of sunshade net.

2. Purchase tools

Take a black plastic bag. It's a sign to go to the wholesale market to pick up the goods. I've tried it myself. After the boss looked at you, the price of the waterproof shade net was completely different. Perfectly, put a little of your own clothes in a plastic bag and pretend you just picked it up at another house, so you can basically ask the real wholesale price.

waterproof shade net

3. Terms of purchase - needle count

The term "needle count" must be kept in mind. This is very necessary, or you will feel like an outsider. The number of needles in a waterproof shading net refers to the filament in an inch of length. Each filament has a different function. One more filament acts one more function. The less filament the sunscreen acts naturally less.

The waterproof shade net manufacturer produces a needle shade net is a wire mesh with only one weft in an inch distance. It is lighter in weight and is mainly used for the outer packaging of the product, playing a role of moisture and rust prevention. Two-needle sunscreen black is a wire mesh with two weft wires within an inch of the distance, and its role is to strengthen the construction company's green measures in dust-proof work.

4, purchase research (this must be less)

Every city large and small wholesale markets are many, to determine the type of good want to purchase, choose more than a few larger shading manufacturers, the composite index of the beginning of research, all aspects of the problem, in the purchase.



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