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What Shade Net Should Be Selected For Agriculture?

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What kind of shade net is good for agriculture? Shade net manufacturer produces shading net, but not shading cloth, shading cloth is not breathable only shading, easy to cause cover crops rot, and shading net covering cultivation, with shading, humidity, moisture conservation, rainstorm, windstorm, freeze, pests and birds and other effects. Compared with open field cultivation, the average yield per mu, output value per mu and net income per mu increased by 26%, 34% and 38% respectively.

What kind of shading net is good for shading? Shade net has 75% and 45% shading rate, high shading rate is only suitable for flowers and shade-tolerant vegetables, we generally produce vegetables with 45% shade net.

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1. Celery, coriander and onions and garlic like cold, weak light vegetable production in summer and autumn, should choose black shade net with high shading rate mainly.

2. Tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers and other warm-loving, moderately strong light vegetable production in summer and autumn, according to the intensity of light selection silver gray net or choose black and other shading rate is low, color shading net.

Remind farmers here that summer and autumn seedlings or slow seedling short-term coverage, the use of black shading net coverage. It can also be covered with silver grey screen or dark grey shade screen. For all weather coverage, it is advisable to choose a net or a black gray color matching network with a shade ratio of less than 40%.



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