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What Material Waterproof Shade Net Quality Is Good?

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See a netizen on the Internet asked: in the local purchase of rain-proof shade net, every summer is not over, was blown by the wind on the rotten mess, I do not know what the best quality of shade net, where some sell?

The net surface of the shade net manufactured by the waterproof shade net manufacturer is smooth and smooth. The flat wire is parallel to the crevice, neat and even, and the warp and weft are clear and bright. Smooth finish, bright and light, deep black and bright, rather than the sense of bright float.

waterproof shade net

Flexible and moderate, elastic, no hardness, no roughness, flat space and thick texture. Regular scale packaging, shading rate, specifications, size clearly marked. No smell or stink, but some of the plastic is light.

Carportnet waterproof shading net uniform light: the special knitting process of the product, to ensure that the product in use through the light more uniform, is conducive to ensuring the consistency of crop quality.

Carportnet light weight waterproof screen: the product uses advanced wire drawing and weaving technology, under the premise of ensuring adequate shading rate, so that the weight of the product is more lightweight, reduce the pressure and load of the system, using the same power motor can drive a larger area of products, reduce the cost of construction of users.



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