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Waterproof Shade Net Technology

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In order to meet the needs of the times, our company constantly updates the waterproof shade net products themselves, improve the company system, in order to provide customers with more quality services and high quality products, the following is a general introduction to the waterproof shade net, let us familiarize ourselves with shading net technology.

Waterproof shade net is made of polyethylene (HDPE), high density polyethylene, PE, PB, PVC, recycled materials, new materials, polyethylene propylene and other raw materials, through ultraviolet stabilizer and anti-oxidation treatment, with strong tensile strength, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, light and so on. It is mainly used for the protective cultivation of vegetables, anemones, flowers, edible fungi, seedlings, timber, ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum and other crops, and aquaculture, and has obvious effect on increasing yield.

waterproof shade net

Application: suitable for various types of greenhouses, and can be installed under different greenhouse coverings. The installation mode can choose the sliding system and suspension system. Heat preservation and energy saving: AAS10 has excellent light transmittance and effectively reduces greenhouse heat loss. At the same time, it is suitable for high efficiency, energy saving and heat preservation at night and at night. Breathable: The braided structure allows sufficient moisture to penetrate, prevents dew from the bottom of the curtain, avoids moss formation, and remains clean for many years. Anti-ultraviolet, clean: a high degree of anti-ultraviolet, anti-static products, sunscreen after long-term use is still clean and effective.

Above is a simple introduction to the waterproof net, I believe we have seen so much, we have a simple understanding of the waterproof shade net for our current use a lot. 



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