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Waterproof Shade Net Manufacturer Workshop

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Every summer, we can see green and black waterproof shade net on the streets. Are you interested in these nets? Today, we will take you to the workshop of waterproof shade net manufacturer.

shade net

When we come to the workshop of the shade net manufacturer, we can see that there are many large machines and equipments here, which are specially used to produce the shading net. Approaching these production facilities, you can see that there are different values on the dashboard. There are many kinds of mesh materials produced by waterproofing shade net manufacturers, mainly in the number of needles. Different values on the production machine indicate different needle numbers, and the density, permeability and use of the shading net produced are also different.

In the workshop of the waterproof shade net manufacturer, there are many workers coming and going. They wear regular work clothes and stand beside their machines. There are also many workers pushing the car, which contains raw materials for the production of sunshade nets. By sending these raw materials of different colors to different workers, we can produce sunshade nets with different needles and colors.



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