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Waterproof Shade Net Has the Function of Heat Preservation

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Many people's reaction of waterproof shade net is to have the role of shading, cooling, in fact, it also has the role of heat preservation. For example, many farmers cover greenhouse vegetables with shade nets in early spring to prevent cold currents and late frost.

For some vegetables sown in early spring or planted in the field, due to the unstable climate, timely and scientific covering of shading net can not only prevent cold currents, late frost, but also help to improve the quality of seedlings and lay a foundation for early maturity and high yield.

waterproof shade net

It is worth noting that waterproof shade net mulching cultivation can be reasonably and timely applied in different seasons and regions, but we should pay great attention to the management principle of shading net, strictly control the covering time, not easy to cover to the end.

At the same time, we should fully understand the physical and chemical properties of different kinds, varieties and specifications of waterproof shade net, and on this basis, according to the weather conditions and vegetable growth characteristics, adopt scientific coverage methods and flexible management techniques, in order to give full play to its good performance, otherwise it will be counterproductive.



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