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Watch Out For Cheap Waterproof Shade Net Without Shading

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Spring ploughing is approaching, and waterproof shading nets will be sold well. Therefore, caution should be taken when purchasing waterproof shade net. Be careful not to use cheap waterproof net as "sunshade" to avoid losses due to inferior sunshade nets.

The quality problems of waterproof sunshade net often affect the harvest of farmers in one season or even one year. Some users said that the use of inexpensive waterproof shading net less than two months on the breakage phenomenon, no shading effect, so that many of the seedlings planted were killed by the sun, serious losses.


It is understood that at present, there are two kinds of waterproof shade nets on the market, one is high-density polyethylene (commonly referred to as "new material nets"), the other is recycling of old sunshade nets or plastic products (commonly referred to as "recycled material nets"), the same weight, "new material nets" than "recycled material nets". The area is much larger.

In sales, the "new material net" is generally sold by area, and the "recycling net" is sold by weight. The "recycled material net" sold by weight is of low quality and has a short service life. It is characterized by thick silk, hard mesh, rough mesh, dense mesh and heavy weight. Therefore, consumers are advised to be careful not to "shade" the cheap waterproof shade net.



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