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Tips and Precautions for buying Waterproof Shade Net

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1. Judging from the weight, under the same weight, a good waterproof shade net has a much larger area than a bad shading net, that is, the better the quality of the shading net, the lighter it is.

2. Whether there are anti-aging requirements for sunshade products, anti-aging prices are relatively high, for non-professionals can not be distinguished, it is recommended that regular manufacturers purchase.

waterproof shade net

3. good quality shade net, smooth surface, smooth finish, texture, deep black and bright. There are many kinds of shading screen colors, common black, silver gray, dark green and tea, do not use color to determine the quality of shading net, color depth can only indicate the rugged shading rate.

4. Good quality with the hands feel flexible and moderate, elastic, no stiffness, not rough, there is a flat space thick texture.

5. Good quality sunscreen, packaging specifications, cutting edges, outer bags show width, shading rate, length.



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