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The difference between waterproof shade canopy and shade sail

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In our daily life, we need to use waterproof shade canopy or shade sail which can offer us cover from rain, drizzles and harsh sunlight. Whether you are looking for protection from scorching sun or being able to just enjoy your patio even in the rain.There is a solution depending on the canopy you choose and there are many different varieties of canopy that you can choose from. 

No matter what a waterproof shade canopy or shade sail, both of them can provide protection up to 80% of the sun’s harmful Ultra Violet rays. The biggest difference between waterproof shade canopy and shade sail is that the water proof. There is no doubt that the waterproof shade canopy can waterproof because of it has  the film. Shade sails are not waterproof because they have a mesh like material that allows water to weep through rather pool up and weighing it down, which can cause tearing and damage.

shade sail

If you are looking for a shade that is temporary and portable for an event, the easy upper pop up style canopy is recommended. They could be put out at short notice for an event without having a permanent anchor whereas for shade sail you require at least three to four solid anchoring point. Shade sail in these situations is not going to be the best option because they don't have their own portable frames.

On the other hand, if you want the permanent shade, it is recommended to set up a permanent shade sail. Shade sails are the most versatile because you can get different shapes and sizes, that allows you to create a unique shade source specifically for your area. They are also easy to take up and down, without having to deal with canopy’s frames and where you are going to store it, plus they are hard to take down if you are doing it by yourself. Shade sails are going to store easily and they are lightweight. Shade sails are also anchored much strongly, so they can be left in windier and harsh conditions. Whereas canopies and frames become more like a kite and they can blow away.

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In fact that the waterproof shade canopy and shade sail can also be used as carport shade net which can protect your car from sunlight and rain, not only the car but also the boats and bikes and other extra storage for tools and machinery like lawn mowers.

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