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The Requirement of Different Flowers to Greenhouse Waterproof Shade Net

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The light intensity requirements of different flower arrangements are different because of the influence of origin light conditions and genetic factors. According to their different requirements, they can be divided into positive flowers, neutral flowers and negative flowers.

Positive flowers. They can't tolerate any significant shade. Even in hot summers, they need plenty of sunlight. They don't need waterproof shade net.

waterproof shade net

Neutral flowers. This kind of flower has a wide range of adaptability to light intensity. Generally, it needs sufficient light to grow vigorously. At the same time, it also has a certain shade tolerance, but it does not grow well under shade and weak light. There are many kinds of flowers cultivated at home, and the shade requirements vary, so it is impossible to use a variety of specifications, usually can use 50% - 60 shade net.

Negative flowers. This kind of flower needs a certain shade condition to grow normally, but can not adapt to the strong light environment; when the sun is too strong, chlorophyll will be destroyed, plant growth is bad, thus the phenomenon of yellowing leaves.



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