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The Related Knowledge of Waterproof Shade Net

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The main purpose of our purchase of sunshade net is to get good sun shading and waterproof effect, the sun shading effect is good, but different products, its characteristics are different, the related knowledge is also a lot, before choosing the waterproof sunshade net, it is better to understand some related knowledge. Then, let's introduce some knowledge about waterproof shading net from the waterproof shade net manufacturer. I hope you will like it.

waterproof shade net

Material: high density polyethylene belt and propylene belt. 

Weave: compiling.

Colort: black and green. 

Way: two needle sunshade net, three needle shading net, four needle sunshade net, six needle sunshade net, eight needle sunshade net and so on. 

Features: the products have the characteristics of shading, cooling, heat preservation, rainstorm prevention, wind resistance and alleviating the spread of insect pests, heat resistant, cold resistant, easy to use, long green life and cheap price. 

Usage: Shading effect of vegetable greenhouse, flower, fruit tree seedling, edible fungus cultivation and breeding farm, cooling and heat preservation of open-air operation.

All these knowledge mentioned above should be understood by everyone. Our company sells waterproof shade net, shade sails and other products quality assurance, cost-effective, product sales throughout the country. If there is a need, you can contact us for consultation, we will provide you with quality products and services.



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