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The Performance of Olive Net

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We should all know that there are many orchards in our life. There are many small fruits in the orchards, but when these fruits mature, they will fall off, which will result in a reduction in fruit production. So let's briefly understand how to make the fruits do not lose that. Serious, is the use of the net, such as olives, olive net on the olive has a great effect, so many orchards will use the olive net for fruit protection, then let us and everyone together to understand the performance of olive net products, hoping to bring help to everyone.

1. Olive mesh has excellent wind-proof performance, 40% aperture, and adopts single/double-layer mesh structure, with strong wind-proof performance, "let the wind speed within the protection area be reduced by more than 80%, its special weaving method, so that there will be no vortex behind the mesh; choose flexible structure, better than rigid structure in wind-proof wall to absorb wind. 

2. Strong texture and complete function, choose or exceed 95% high density polyethylene (HDPE), add anti-UV agent, anti-aging agent, flame retardant, cross-linking strengthening agent in raw materials; high fire safety factor, flame retardant time over 4S; strong and durable, tensile coefficient is 220KN/MM, impact coefficient in line with international standards, but also Effective absorption of solar ultraviolet light, for urban beautification.

olive net

3. Easy installation and maintenance, high efficiency, high quality, low price! Olive net light weight, simple and fast installation, maintenance time-saving and labor-saving; easy to customize according to user needs, to meet customer requirements.

From the above we can see that the performance of the olive net has many advantages, so want to have a better fruit yield, come to buy our olive net bar, our company's olive net quality is very excellent, so you can come to understand, our company not only has the olive net, but also a lot of other. The net, just like the bundle net, is a very good network, you can come to visit and understand, welcome everyone.



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