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The Number of Wires Determined Waterproof Shade Net's Shading Rate

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The shading rate of the waterproof shade net manufactured by the waterproof shade net manufacturer is related to the number of braided yarns, and the more the number of roots, the greater the shading rate.

waterproof shade net

The shading net can be divided into 8 nets, 10 nets, 12 nets, 14 nets and 16 nets. Taking the weaving number of warp and weft as an example, the shading rate and the tensile strength of weft and weft are positively correlated with the number of knitting roots per 25 mm. The more the number of woven silk roots, the greater the shading rate and the greater the zonal tension. The quality, thickness and color of different yarns also affect the shading rate and tensile strength. However, no significant difference in tensile strength is observed.

Waterproof shade nets were originally used as covering materials in the south, but after improvement, they began to be widely used in the north. High-quality shading net has the advantages of heat and cold resistance, while making gradual change, low price, is very suitable for farmers who need large-scale cultivation of crops.



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