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The Main Function Of Different Waterproof Shade Canopy

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As we all known that the main function of the waterproof shade canopy is to shield the sun, and sometimes it can play some role in covering the rain. It is widely used in many places. Because of the different environment, the types of the waterproof shade cloth are different, and the waterproof shade net manufacturer will develop different shading nets according to the different environment and the different situations. It can better adapt to the demand of the market. Next, we will analyze the use of different waterproof shade fabric by sunshade net manufacturers.

  1. 2 needles shading net, its shading rate is about 50%, generally used for landscaping, large-scale project decoration, more suitable for large-scale field use.

  2. The sun shading rate of 3 needles sun shading net is about 70%, which is used in flowers and fruits and vegetables. It is suitable for the sun shading and heat preservation of summer and winter greenhouse crops without affecting photosynthesis.

    waterproof shade canopy

  3. The shading rate of 4-needle shading net is 80%. It is mainly used to shade flowers, fruits, vegetables, crops and so on with higher shading rate. It is also used for shading in greenhouses.

  4. Six-needle shading nets are mainly used in places where shading is required because the shading rate can reach more than 95%.

And that's what we're going to do with different waterproof shading nets. You can choose the suitable sunshade net to use according to your own situation, and the price of sunshade net is also varied. In the choice, you can choose the products with high price ratio, so that the user will be more tolerant.



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