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The Lawn and Garden Plastic Net

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The Lawn and garden plastic net are usually used to decorate or protect your patio which can keep critters from damaging gardens and shrubs. Such as Environmentally friendly plastic Deer Fence, Rabbit Fence, and Tree Protectors.

garden plastic net

Plastic mesh offers a wide variety of plastic netting and mesh screens for your Lawn & Garden, Farm & Ranch, and Home & Hobby applications. Whether for the garden, around the lawn, hobbies, or the house, which can help make your project a success. Plastic Bird Net, Beetle Net, and Cicada Netting can  keep birds and insects from eating fruits and destroying your plants. 

Plastic Lawn & Garden Netting Advantage:

Non-corrosive and won't conduct electricity

UV stabilized for extended service life

Easy to fabricate and easy to clean

Environmentally Friendly

Simple installation - Check out our Installation Extras page!



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