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The Importance of Waterproof Shade Net in Agriculture

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I do not know if you have noticed the use of building safety net at ordinary times, construction safety net will be used in the construction industry, and the use of building safety net can also guarantee the safety of everyone, so the use of building safety net plays an important role in our life. Of course, the net products are widely used in our life, and waterproof shade net is one of them, but the scope of the use of different shading nets is also different, so we should also pay attention to the choice when buying.

Waterproof shade net, also known as shade net, shade net, sunscreen. With polyolefin resin as the main raw material, and adding anti-aging agent and various kinds of color material, through drawing and woven into a lightweight, high strength, aging resistant network of new type of agricultural plastic mulching material.  Waterproof shade net manufacturers for your professional exposition of different plants on the shade net needs.

waterproof shade net

Waterproof shading net covering cultivation, with shading, humidity, moisture conservation, rainstorm, windstorm, freeze, disease, pests, birds and other effects. High density shading net is only suitable for flowers and shade-tolerant vegetables, and 45% shading net is commonly used in vegetable cultivation. Cold and weak light vegetable production in summer and autumn, should choose 70% density of shading net cover mainly. Cold-tolerant and semi-cold-tolerant leafy vegetable winter cover, the selection of silver-gray shading net is conducive to moisture and frost prevention, shading net price spinach, asparagus etc.

The use of waterproof sunshade plays a very important role in agriculture and other fields, so the sun shading net is also popular for consumers. If you need to buy sunshade net, you can contact us to buy. In addition, we use a lot of NetWare products in our life, but we should pay attention to the choice when buying.



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