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The Function of Waterproof Shade Net in Building Engineering

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Nowadays, waterproof shade net is widely used in construction projects and plays an important role in construction projects. So, how much do you know about the basic structure of the waterproof shade net? Presumably many people are more concerned about this problem. Here is a detailed introduction to the role of the waterproof net in construction projects.

Waterproof shade net can be said to be necessary in the construction project, so how much do you know about the waterproof net erection and demolition work? Mastering the waterproof net erection and demolition is a very important thing, because we do not need to find the relevant personnel to install, while saving money and labor. The general waterproof net mainly plays the role of shielding the sunlight, thus giving us a cool working environment. Usually the sun shading net is used in conjunction with the building net.

waterproof shade net

In the installation of waterproof shade netting process, we will find many drawbacks, if not solved in time, it is likely to affect the following work. When connecting the upper and lower wires, we use the metal wires extended from the bracket for support. The lower end of the bracket can be bent and connected to the bracket for support through the clamp, and the conduit structure covered with the waterproof net can be formed on the top of the bracket, thereby preserving the wider safety area of the waterproof shade net.

Through the above for everyone to introduce the role of the waterproof netting in construction projects, we must first master the waterproof shading grid erection and demolition work, which is very important. In the process of construction, we must not overlook this point, waterproof grid installation is not easy to affect the following construction work, so we must pay attention to it.



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