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The Different Effects of Waterproof Shade Net at Different Times

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We all feel the high temperature in summer. If you do not pay attention to the heat, it is easy to cause diseases such as heat stroke, which will greatly affect health. Similarly, the human body will be discomfort because of high temperature, plant crops will also feel discomfort, resulting in their necrosis, and finally affect the crop production, the interests of the vegetable farmers are greatly impaired, at this time the shade net is very important, It can protect the growth of crops in the summer., but different At that time, its effect is different. Let's take a closer look.

waterproof shade net

It is advisable to increase the ground temperature effectively and promote crop growth to reduce the number of evaporation and irrigation of ground water so as to achieve the purpose of heat preservation and humidity reduction. The waterproof shade net greenhouse covered with shading net was used to cover vegetable with high light intensity and season.The shading and cooling effects of different sizes of shading nets are also different. It plays a very good role in preventing insect pest migration. Summer cover will play a role in light shielding, rain, moisture and cooling. The shading net has different effects on shading and cooling. The shading net is only limited to summer vegetables, and the shading net is used to screen the shading net.

After seeing the above text, can we have a better understanding of the effect of sunshade net effect? We should also pay attention to many other factors when we use the sunshade net. Here I do not give an example. 



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