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The Covering Mode of Waterproof Shade Net

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The main role of waterproof shade net should be sun shading and water proof, generally we buy waterproof net is used in the summer, different products use sunshade net is also different, for different products, the use of shading net is certainly different, so the user must know the characteristics of the product before use. After that, you can choose the most suitable way to use it. Next, we will introduce the way of covering the waterproof sun net by the waterproof shade net manufacturer.

Covering the surface with floating surface, the shading net will be directly covered on the ground or plant, usually after sowing and planting. The small arch covering, covering the sunshade net with the arch support of the thin film shed, is suitable for summer and autumn shading, cooling, air permeability or early spring night frost prevention. It can also be used in rainy season and winter and winter heat preservation. The flat shed is covered with a planar or inclined support of 0.5-1.8 meters high on the finished shed surface, and the shading net is covered on the support for shading and rainproof. 

waterpoof shade net

The greenhouses are covered with plastic covered nets, covered by single nets, covered by omentum, covered outside the shed and covered in the shed. When the single net is covered with the omentum, the 1 meters away from the greenhouse will not be covered. Covered outside the shed, mostly used for early spring heat preservation at night. Covered in the shed, usually 1 to 1.5 meters away from the ground.

The cover way of waterproof shading net is introduced here. Only in accordance with the correct way of operation can we make the shading net play its full role. For different products, we should also fully consider the use of the problem of the way, choose the most appropriate is the best. 



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