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The Characteristics and Types of Waterproof Shade Net

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In life, if we avoid being polluted, we usually use a variety of screens, which are commonly used in buildings called building safety nets. In our agricultural production, the most important thing in our agricultural production is not to cover the return journey, but to the birds and the sun. The birds will peck our crops and the sun will make it sunk. Bad, so waterproof shade net is the same product that we can not be short of. There are many types of sun shade nets on the market now. We must know what kind of sunshade nets they have in order to play a better role in use.

waterproof shade net plays a role of light protection, rain protection, moisture retention and cooling after covering in summer, and also has a certain effect of heat preservation and humidification after covering in winter and spring. The sun shading net is used in polyethylene (HDPE), which is mainly used for the protection of vegetables, fragrant flowers, flowers, edible fungi, seedlings, timber, ginseng, ganoderma and other crops. It has obvious effect on raising the output and so on. 

1.Silk shading net: because the sunshade net is woven by the warp and the weft line, it is mainly woven by the warp knitting machine, so if the warp and weft are all woven by the circular wire, it is the circular shading net.

waterproof sunshade net

 2.Silk shading net: the warp and weft are flat silk weaves are made of flat silk shading net, which is usually low in weight and high in sun shading rate. It is mainly used in agriculture and garden sunshade.

 3. Round wire sunscreen: warp is flat wire, weft is round wire, or warp is round wire, weft is flat wire, sunscreen woven net is round flat wire sunscreen.

We can see that there are many kinds of waterproof shade nets on the market at present, and we can choose different shading nets according to our own different needs. We also mentioned the building safety net, which is commonly used in the building.



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