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Shade Net Fabrics Show Great Prestige In Animal Husbandry

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With the understanding and attention of textile enterprises to functional fabrics nowadays, more and more enterprises begin to devote themselves to the production and research of functional fabrics. The vast fields of animal husbandry and poultry breeding also provide a good market for functional fabrics. Some poultry farmers have begun to use shade net and other shade fabrics as a way to improve the high yield and efficiency of pig raising.

In order to explore the*ways*of high yield and high efficiency in pig raising in summer and autumn, we have carried out the experiment of covering the sports ground in pig pens with sunshade net.

Pigs: 206 Large Yorkshire hybrids of 12 pigs were randomly divided into coverage group and control group. The two groups of pigs were healthy, five healthy and normal, but there was no significant difference in age and body weight. The results showed that the best way to raise pigs was to cover the shading net for 6, 7 and 8 months each year, and the best way was to raise about 10 pigs per circle. The following benefits can be achieved in raising pigs with shading net:

shadesail-170BG (2)

1. High daily gain

The average daily gain of pig in fattening group was 650.08 grams, which was 147.16 grams higher than that in control group, and the weight gain rate was 29.26%.

2. Less material consumption per unit weight gain

Feed consumption per kg gain in the covering group was 3.41 kg, 16.72% less than that in the control group, which was 3.98 kg.

3. The economic benefit of the covering group is 100 yuan higher than that of the control group.

4. Pigsty hygiene

There were no mosquitoes and flies in the covering group, and less diseases in pigs.



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