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Precautions Related to The Covering of Tea Garden's Waterproof Shade Net

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Agricultural planting has been particularly popular in recent years. Agricultural planting has been difficult and some other auxiliary tools have been used in agricultural planting. The waterproof shade net is one of them. Some people choose seed grain in the agricultural cultivation. Some people choose tea. The construction of tea garden is becoming bigger and bigger. The following waterproof shade nets manufacturers tell you about the tea garden shade net cover cultivation related matters needing attention.

Cover material and tea garden choice. High-yielding strip-planting tea garden with flat land or gentle slope, strong tree vigor, no continuous absence of plants, neat sprouting and strong growth potential should be selected for covering tea garden. Cover the net time. The determination of covering time of shading net depends mainly on the growth of buds and leaves. 

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Generally, 10 to 15 days before picking, that is, when a small amount of two leaves appears, the coverage is more suitable. Cover the net method. In the direction of the tea line, the 75 black sunshade net is gently laid on the face of the tea tree, and then the edges of the sunshade net are fixed on both sides of the tea line with the 24 lead silk every 2 meters, and the whole tea line is completely covered. The period of mining. Spring tea usually covers shading nets for 10 to 15 days, and it can be picked. When picking tea, you should pick up the edges while picking up the net so as not to overshoot the sunlight and lose the effect of shading.

About the tea garden shade net covered cultivation related matters needing attention to tell you here. The use of waterproof sunshades can make the tea tree grow better, the tea tree is long, the output of the follow-up tea will become much, and the income of the farmers is also raised on the other hand. 



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