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Matters Needing Attention in The Selection of Building Safety Net

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With the continuous development and progress of the construction industry, we should have a preliminary understanding of the building, we should often see in the construction of the need for building safety net bar, its role is to protect the construction site safety, so today, let us and everyone A discussion on how to purchase building safety nets, because there are many types of building safety nets, so we need to choose the right, choose a good, quality pass, the price is relatively affordable building safety nets.

1. Distinguish what kind of building safety net is mainly made of. Now there are two kinds of production materials on the market: one is high density polyethylene produced by petrochemical enterprises, the other is made of recycled old building safety net or plastic products. According to our understanding of building safety produced by high density polyethylene The safety net made of high density polyethylene is also anti-aging and has a long service life of up to four years. However, the safety net made of recycled materials has a low smoothness and a pungent smell. It can only be used for one year. It is very important for us to identify materials when buying.

plastic net

2, According to the weight of the purchase of construction safety nets. Current market sales of building safety nets as long as the area and weight of two ways, vegetable farmers in the choice, do not rely solely on one way to buy, should be carefully compared to see the material density, in order to prevent illegal dealers selling inferior "weight" building safety nets. In the purchase of building safety net is in accordance with the method of sharing small, will buy a good quality building safety net.

We've come to the point of caution for building safety net shopping today. Happy time is always lost very quickly, so if you have any other questions, please contact us. If you think our products are good, then choose us to build safety net company bar, we It will surely satisfy you. Thank you for your reading.



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