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Low Temperature Affects Vegetable Growth, Agricultural Plastic Net Help You

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Experts say the current low temperature weather has the greatest impact on watermelon and melon. Because it is in the seedling growing period, if not protected and kept warm, it will lead to cucumber seedling yellowing, stop growing, and even freeze to death. Solanaceae are now entering a critical flowering stage. Continuous low temperature and low illumination can lead to flower and fruit drop and poor plant growth. Leaf vegetables are less affected by low temperature, but they may negatively affect the yield and quality of vegetables.

It is understood that many local vegetables and fruits in the growing season are planted in greenhouses. Experts suggest that planters should adopt multi-layer covering measures such as buckling shed and small arch shed in the greenhouse to increase the temperature in the greenhouse, and use heat preservation materials such as straw curtain, non-woven fabric and shade net at night to heat the vegetables in the greenhouse. At the same time, attention should be paid to blocking the cracks in all parts of the greenhouse.

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Facing the low sunshine weather, the nursery shed room should increase the light. During the day, the grass curtain and non-woven cloth should be uncovered as soon as possible. However, we should pay attention to not uncovering all the coverings at one time, so as to prevent sunshine after rain. Excessive sunshine and excessive heating can cause serious water loss and acute flash seedling withering.

For large areas of field vegetables and fruits, experts said that farmers should clear ditches and drain water in time, deepen ditches outside the field, and prevent plant roots from freezing. For melon and fruit crops with slow seedling freezing, 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate and 0.2% urea or organic liquid fertilizer such as amino acid and humic acid can be sprayed on the leaves to increase crop growth ability and improve cold resistance.



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