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Key Points of Using Shade Net in Rain and Snow Weather

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Continuous rain and snow weather will lead to insufficient light and high humidity in the greenhouse, which is prone to a series of diseases. In rainy and snowy weather, shade net should be used to strengthen greenhouse management and light management. On the premise of favorable heat preservation, dust-proof shading net should be uncovered as soon as possible, more light should be seen, the time of receiving light should be prolonged, and the light should be increased as far as possible.

Shading net has certain ability of windproof, windproof, rain and snow protection, which is very popular with consumers. However, after such bad weather, we need to deal with the shading net in order to ensure that the latter use effect of the shading net is better.

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Generally speaking, after continuous low temperature, rain and snow weather, attention should be paid to covering the shade net timely in sunny days to prevent plant withering and death. If the leaves are normal, then gradually increase the number of uncovered curtains until all uncovered. If wilting phenomenon is found, several more curtains should be covered in time to adapt crops. After a long period of sunshine, the air should be released repeatedly, so that the temperature difference between the room and the inside and outside is close to the previous few days. At the same time, the shading net should be warmed slowly, so as to avoid the sudden rise of temperature and cause plant withering and death.

The application of shade net products is more important. When ventilating, attention should be paid to prevent excessive ventilation, and shelters should be placed in the doorway, so as to prevent the cold wind from blowing directly, causing plant withering and death, which is more worthy of our attention.



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