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Key Points Of Using Waterproof Shade Net In Rain and Snow Weather

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Recently, continuous rain and snow weather has appeared all over the country. Under such climate conditions, it will lead to inadequate illumination and high humidity in greenhouses, which will easily lead to a series of diseases. In this friendship reminds everyone: rain and snow weather use waterproof shade net, to strengthen greenhouse management, strengthen the management of lighting, in the premise of conducive to heat preservation, should be as early as possible uncovered dust shade net, see more light, extend the duration of light, as far as possible to increase light.

The products sold directly by shading net manufacturers are very popular with consumers because of their ability to prevent wind, wind, rain and snow. However, after the waterproof shading net has experienced such bad weather, we need to deal with the shading net, in order to ensure that the latter use of shading net is better.

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Generally speaking, after continuous low temperature, rainy and snowy weather, we should pay attention to covering the sunshade net in time to prevent plant withering and death. If the leaves are normal, then gradually increase the number of curtains until all are uncovered; if the phenomenon of wilting is found, should be timely covered with a few more curtains, so that crops adapt. After a long period of sunshine, it should be repeated ventilation, so that the room, the temperature difference between the inside and outside is close to the previous few days, at the same time, let the shading net slow heating, to avoid sudden rise in temperature, causing plant wilting and death.

It is very important to use the products which are sold directly by the waterproof shade net manufacturer. When ventilating, we should pay attention to prevent ventilation from being too quick and put shelters in the doorway. This can prevent the cold wind from blowing directly, and cause the plant to wither and die. It is more worthy of our attention.



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