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It's Of Great Significance To Recycle Shade Net

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Shading net is mainly used for summer cooling and rainproof covering cultivation. With the passage of the season, the idle shading net and the old shading net have become a headache for most people. It is a pity that the old shading net should not be lost and occupy space. Therefore, it is very important to recycle and utilize the old shading net.

To a certain extent, the idle shading net and the old shading net can still be used as cold-proof and heat preservation materials. Their heat preservation effect is almost the same as that of traditional curtain covering, and they are labor-saving and easy to uncover and manage.

shade net

Although shading net mulching cultivation can be applied in different seasons and regions in a reasonable and timely manner, great attention should be paid to the principles of shading net management and strict control of covering time. At the same time, we should fully understand the physical and chemical properties of different types, varieties and specifications of sunshade nets, and on this basis, according to weather conditions and vegetable growth characteristics, adopt scientific covering methods and flexible cover management technology, in order to give full play to its good performance.

Therefore, it can be seen that the recycling of waste plastic shade net is of great significance, and this behavior largely avoids waste of waste sunshade nets.



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