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Introduction to the Use of Insect Nets

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Transparent Anti Insect Net has both sunshade and insect-proof functions. It is a new type of material to prevent insect pests in field vegetables.

Insect-proof nets are mainly used for seedlings and cultivation of cabbage, cabbage, summer radish, cabbage, cauliflower, solanaceous fruits, melons, beans and other vegetables in summer and autumn, which can improve the seedling emergence rate, seedling growth rate and seedling quality.

The techniques for using insect-proof nets are now introduced as follows:

Coverage form:

(1) Cover the insect-proof net directly on the greenhouse, compact it tightly with soil or bricks around it, fasten it with a laminating line on the net, and use it in conjunction with the laminating line and film rolling machine, leaving the front door uncovered.

(2) Bend bamboo slices or steel bars into small arches, insert them into the field border, cover the arches with insect-proof nets, and then pour water directly on the nets. The nets will not be removed until harvesting, and full coverage will be implemented. .

(3) Use horizontal greenhouse shelves for covering.

Cover the growing period:

The Greenhouse Anti Insect Net blocks less light, so there is no need to cover it day and night or to remove the front cover from the back. It should be fully covered to prevent pests from invading in order to achieve a satisfactory insect-proof effect.

Soil disinfection:

After the previous crop is harvested, the residues and weeds of the previous crop should be moved out of the field promptly and burned together. 10 days before building the shed, flood the vegetable field with water for 7 days to drown the eggs of surface and underground pests and aerobic pathogens. Then remove the stagnant water and allow it to be exposed to the sun for 2-3 days, and spray pesticides throughout the field to kill insects. .

At the same time, the perimeter of the insect-proof net should be compacted and sealed tightly to prevent pests from sneaking in and laying eggs. When covering cultivation with a small arch, the arch should be higher than the crops to prevent the vegetable leaves from clinging to the insect-proof net to prevent pests such as yellow-striped flea beetles outside the net from eating the vegetable leaves and laying eggs on the vegetable leaves.

Suitable hole diameter:

When purchasing insect netting, you should pay attention to the pore size. For vegetable production, 20-32 mesh is suitable, with a width of 1-1.8 meters. White and blue insect-proof nets are available.

Carefully preserved:

After the insect-proof net is used in the field, it should be collected in time, washed, dried, and rolled up to extend its service life, reduce depreciation costs, and increase economic benefits.

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