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Introduction of Fire Safety Net

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We all know that the types and uses of the network are relatively many, for the safety net we will know that it is used for construction sites, as a security role, but what you do not know is that the types of safety nets are more, today I will introduce to you one is the fire safety net, big. Home should be relatively unfamiliar, so let's introduce it in detail.

According to the actual use situation, enterprises should distribute according to different types of work, and workers should use the labor safety protective articles correctly according to the rules and requirements of the state and enterprises, so as to ensure their health and safety. Safety production is no small matter, labor insurance products need attention. The potential danger and temporary negligence in the production process can easily lead to an indissoluble cause. Therefore, we must pay attention to the correct treatment and use of labor safety protective equipment, avoid accidents, away from danger.

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Purpose: for all kinds of construction sites, especially for high-rise buildings, it can be completely enclosed. It can effectively prevent people and objects from falling, reduce noise and dust pollution, achieve civilized construction and beautify the city. Structure: The special knitting method of straight chain multi-door structure is composed of a group of straight chain coils and another group of reciprocating coils running through three straight chain coils. The mesh is firm and not slippery, the mesh is not easy to deform, the mesh size is stable, firm and durable, and the scratch is light.

Through the above understanding, we know the fire safety net.

Safety net has the characteristics of firm structure, stable mesh size, firm durability and easy scraping, so it is safer to use it.



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