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Importance of Bird Net in Agricultural Application

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There are many ways to prevent and control bird damage in agricultural cultivation and aquaculture, such as paddy fields and vegetables at the beginning of the period. Orchards are mostly scarecrows, flags or ribbons, which are fairly ideal. Birds will not be afraid if they see these things for a long time.

Later, people invented the ultrasonic bird repellent device, bird catching net and anti-bird net products to deal with bird damage. The bird repellent device has good effect, but the effective area is small and the cost is high. The bird catching net will directly trap the birds, the effect is good, but it also harms the birds, destroys the ecological environment, and attracts the attention of many animal protection departments. In some areas, the use of bird catching net has been banned.

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Therefore, with the support of many departments and manufacturers, Bird-proof Nets emerged as a revolutionary product. As its name implies, Bird-proof Nets can protect fruit, vegetable and paddy fields without harming birds, and can not threaten birds'lives.

Bird-proof net has a wide range of applications, such as grape planting, strawberry planting, loach breeding, fish fry cultivation, rice planting, millet planting, video processing plants and so on. As soon as this product appeared, it quickly spread to the north and south of the Yangtze River.



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