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How to install Waterproof Shade Net?

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The main function of the waterproof shade net is to shading the sun and water proof, especially in summer. It is very important to shading the sun in the summer. Generally, the sun shading net is used on the crop, so it can avoid sunburn in the summer. Although many people know that the sunshade net is very important, there are a lot of people who buy the sunshade net back to how to do it. There are many questions about installation. How to install and use correctly? This article mainly introduces the specific installation process of sunshade net.

The seeds were covered with floatation before seeding, and then exposed in the evening. If the scaffolding is needed in the field, the sun shading net is covered on the shelf after sunrise the next day, and the seedlings of the transplanting can be covered with floating surface before living. When the light is strong, the temperature is high, as well as the heavy rain, the net should be covered in time. In the morning and evening or in the rainy day, the temperature is not high and the light is not strong, the net is uncovered in time. The shading net should be removed 5 to 7 days before harvest, so as not to fade the leaf color and reduce the quality. 

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The whole process is the most considered one of the sun's problem. If the sun is strong, it needs to be strengthened. If the sun is not strong or not, it will not need to be used. The main purpose of summer cover cultivation is shading and cooling, especially shading. The shading net should be grasped according to the weather conditions and the requirements of different vegetable types for different growth periods for light intensity and temperature. Generally it is sunny day cover, cloudy day uncover, morning cover, evening exposure, early cover, late growth.

Installation and use is very simple. Choosing the right time to use it can better develop its function. The price of Carportnet's  waterproof shade net  very well, and the quality is excellent, if you feel that our waterproof shade canopy products are not satisfied with you, you can tell us that this can make our products constantly improve innovation, and we will sincerely thank. Later, we will develop better products to give users feedback.

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