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How to Use and Choose the Waterproof Shade Net?

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Carportnet has many kinds of waterproof shade nets, and we have been engaged in this industry for many years, so we have a certain choice for the use and choice of various nets, then we will provide you with the right information for the purchase and choice of the plastic net, then the next detailed. Find out how we can better use waterproof shade net.

1. When covering the waterproof shade net, the management of sunshade net should be strengthened according to the weather changes and different periods of celery growth. Celery should be covered all day before seedling emergence. After seedling emergence, the net should be uncovered at both ends in the morning and evening, and covered at noon when the sun is strong. It can not cover the whole day in cloudy days, but the net must be built in time before the storm comes.

waterproof shade net

2. The width of waterproof shading net can be cut and spliced at will. The cutting method is to cut it by electric heating wire with high heat, because the shading net can be melted into a channel after cutting it with high heat, so as not to loose. The splicing method is to use nylon thread on the sewing machine or sew by hand. Do not tie with wire or aluminum wire to avoid mechanical breakage and affect the service life of the sun screen.

3. Floating surface coverage.

The above three methods are the waterproof shade nets we often use. We should use the waterproof shade netting better according to the weather and the floating surface coverage.



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