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How to Use The Waterproof Shade Net ?

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Agriculture is our most basic industry, it can be said that our life can not be separated from the development of agriculture, with the development of agricultural technology, now the greenhouse planting has been very popular, many farmers will cover the waterproof shading net in the shed, so that it can play a very good shading effect, but the use of waterproof net is not so simple, In order to make it better, we need a lot of knowledge.

In order to grow vegetables in the greenhouse normally, the vegetable farmers will cover the shading net in the summer. Most of the sunshade net on the big vegetable farm is close to the film, so the shade net is set, the effect of the sun shading is very poor, the sun shading net should be braced up, and a certain gap between the film and the film is maintained. The truth is very simple. If the screen is close to the film on the shed, the heat can not be sent out, which increases the temperature of the sunshade net itself and accelerates the aging of the sunshade net. 

waterproof shade net

In addition, the shading net is tightly attached to the shed film, the heat absorbed by the sunshade net first passes to the shed film and then passes into the shed, so it can not give full play to the effect of the sunshade net to reduce the temperature in the shed. If the shading net is propped up and there is a certain gap between the shading net and the film, the above drawbacks can be effectively avoided and the shading net can play a better role. We can put a few bags of soil under the shading net, and we can put two abandoned straw curtains at the front. There are also some vegetable farmers on the one end of the shading net to the rolling machine, because the rolling curtain machine is higher, the effect is better, the front also has to put some old curtains to support, so that the sun shading net can not be kept close to the film.

Incorrect use, not only can not play a very good sun shading effect, but also have an impact on the life of these waterproof sunshades, so when we all buy sunshade net, we must understand its use method well, grasp the correct method of use, can better use these sunshade nets.

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