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How to Select High Quality Waterproof Shade Net?

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In the process of agricultural production, in order to protect our crops from high temperature and birds' pecking, we all need to use the waterproof protective net. If there is no protective net, it will not only hurt the crops but also harm the benefit of the fruit farmers. In the hot summer, the main protective net we use is the waterproof shade net, which enables plants to avoid direct sunlight and the erosion of insect birds. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a high quality shading net. Then we will look at what we need to choose the high quality waterproof sunshade net.

There are three kinds of waterproof shade net on the market, the quality and the good and bad are different. How do you choose a good sunshade net, and what kind of sunshade net is a good shading net? The general good shading net has the following characteristics. 

waterproof shade net

1, soft and moderate, elastic, no stiffness, rough, flat space thick texture;

2, regular size packing, shading rate, specification, size clearly marked; 

3, smooth, smooth, flat, flat, uniform, uniform, clear and clear, 

4, good brightness, quality bright, deep black, and bright. It is not the sense of bright light of float, 

5, no peculiar smell, odour, some are only the light scorching flavor of plastics.

Have you learned the above conditions for selecting sunshade nets? This will help you to choose the right sunshade nets in the future. Because of the time we can not explain all the content, and want to know more friends to welcome you to consult our waterproof shade net manufacturer, you want to know that we all have



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