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How to Recognize a Good Plant Support Net?

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As we all known that the plant support net is a smaller mesh sizes (between 10 and 18 cm), which are usually used for horizontal tutoring of flowers, especially carnations, mums and snaps, because in floriculture growers prefer an opening that will support vertically the flower without letting it tilt or bend because it would lose its commercial value. Larger sized meshes are preferred for vegetable support. especially cucurbits, solanaceae and legumes. It's very important for farmers that they need to known the skills to recognize a good plant support net. 

The first time to use the plant support net was in the 1960s. The Europe scientist used a a new rigid mesh and net product made out of polypropylene, then with the time passing, the technology found its way into other parts into other parts of the world.

Trellis Climbing Plants Net

Before the production of plant support net, we need to add color and UV stabilizers into the PP, that is the polypropylene loses tensile and physical properties once recycled or after a prolonged solar exposure. So a high quality plant support net must contain the UV stabilizers.

There is no doubt that the 100% virgin polypropylene and a good quality netting will be noticeable from the shines and gloss, while an extruded net containing recycled PP will be opaque and not reflect light as much. Meanwhile the plastic net smells little pungent.  On the other hand we should to concern that the color of the netting. White is advisable because it will be visible at all times of the day and prevent accidental cuts during pruning and harvesting, the same cannot be said about black or green nets that will tend to hide among the leaves, stems and fruits.

If you want  to purchase the plant support net, you can follow the above the suggestion, which can help you to recognize the high quality products.



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