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How to Purchase Waterproof Shade Net?

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With the continuous development of society, the product of waterproof shading net has been widely used in our life, especially in agriculture and forestry. The use of waterproof shade nets for growing crops is very useful, not only to protect crops from the sun and rain, but also to solve the damage of birds. So how do we choose to buy sunshade net? The following sunshade net manufacturers will give us a brief introduction.

The waterproof sun shades can adjust the weft density in the weaving process, so that the shading rate can reach 25% ~ 75%, even up to 85% ~ 90%. In mulching cultivation, we can choose according to different needs. Summer and autumn mulching cultivation, light requirements are not too high, high temperature pakchoi and other green leafy vegetables can choose shading net with high shading rate. Shading net with low shading rate can be used for fruit and vegetable with higher light requirement and higher heat tolerance. Winter and spring anti frost anti frost cover, with a high shading rate of shade net effect is good.

waterproof shade net

In general production and application, waterproof shade net is generally chosen from 65% to 75%. In the use of mulch, according to different seasons and weather conditions, by changing the time of shading and adopting different ways of shading to adjust to meet the growth needs of different crops. Width of cloth. The general range of products is 0.9-2.5 meters, the widest up to 4.3 meters, some manufacturers can also be customized according to needs.

Choose and buy waterproof sunshade first according to their own needs to choose, in addition, the quality of waterproof shade net also has good or bad points, we do not choose too many low-priced products, the general price is too low, the quality of products may not be very good. 



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