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How to Purchase Durable Shade Net?

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Shade net is an important prop for greenhouse vegetable cultivation. There are many brands of shade net on the market and the quality is uneven. How to purchase durable nets? Shade net manufacturers come to you for a few tricks.

The quality of the shading net can not be judged by its color at first. Black, red, green and silver-gray are the main shade nets sold in the market. Among them, black shade nets have higher shade rate and faster cooling speed, mostly used for short-term covering which needs fine management in summer. Silver-gray shade nets are suitable for sunny vegetables and long-term covering. Shading net manufacturers remind you that color does not mean the quality of shading net, the addition of different pigments led to the emergence of different color shade net, the correct choice of shading net should be based on the characteristics of crops and vegetables.

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Secondly, in order to purchase durable shading nets, we should learn to distinguish the material of shading nets. The shade net made of pure material and recycled material has different service life. Pure material is high density polyethylene, which has a long service life and good shading effect. The shade net made of recycled material has low cleanliness, poor hand feel, pungent smell and shorter service life. Shade net manufacturers remind you to use durable shade net, do not covet cheap, buy inferior shade net, affect the growth and harvest of vegetables and crops.



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