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How to Identify High Quality Shade Net

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Shade net is a kind of protective covering material which has been popularized for more than 10 years. After covering in summer, it plays a role of shielding light, rain, moisturizing and cooling. After covering in winter and spring, it also has a certain effect of heat preservation and humidification.

Generally, leaf vegetables planted in winter and spring cover the surface of leaf vegetables directly with shading net (floating cover) in order to prevent low temperature hazards. Because of its light weight, it is only about 45 grams per square meter, and it will not overwhelm, bend and reduce the commerciality of the already grown high leaf vegetables. Because of its air permeability, the leaf surface is still dry after mulching, which alleviates the occurrence of diseases. It also has a certain degree of transparency, covering will not be "muggy yellow muggy".

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Recommend to the buyer how to identify the reference of high-quality shading net:

1. The net surface is smooth and smooth. The flat wire is parallel to the gap, neat and even, and the longitude and latitude are clear and bright.

2. Smoothness, texture and brightness, deep black light, rather than floating light.

3. Flexible, moderate, elastic, no stiffness, not rough, with a flat space thick texture.

4. Regular fixed-size packaging, sunshade rate, specifications, size clearly marked.

5. No odor or odor. Some of them are just plastics with a slight burnt odor.



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