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How to Choose Waterproof Shade Net Correctly?

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The use of waterproof shading net can play a very good shading effect, but if the choice of shading net is not good, then certainly not so good shading effect, for users how to choose and purchase is more important, so many products on the market, so many manufacturers, want to be in so many products It is not so easy to choose a face waterproof shade net to satisfy your own needs.

Waterproof sunshade net produced by sunshade manufacturers can usually be used for about 3 to 5 years. In the process of using and storing, users need to strengthen the management of shading nets. This can better prolong the service life of sunshade nets. 

waterproof shade net

In order to satisfy the requirement of normal growth and development of crops, we must select a suitable shading net according to the local natural light intensity, light saturation point of vegetable crops and covering method. Silver grey shading nets can be selected in areas where aphids are seriously endangered. It is advisable to use silver grey shading net for pepper cultivation, and black shading net is best used for seedling cultivation. Users need to buy different shading nets according to different situations.

As long as we understand the method of selection, I believe that we can definitely choose to make themselves satisfied with the waterproof shade net, different colors of shade net their use is also different, users need to choose according to their own planted products, as long as the use of the appropriate waterproof net, so that shade net to play a better role. For more information, please continue to pay attention to us.



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