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How to Choose Agricultural Mesh Bags

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Agricultural plastic mesh bag is a common packaging material in agricultural production, mainly used for storing and transporting agricultural products. It has the characteristics of good air permeability, durability, moisture resistance and corrosion resistance, and can protect the quality and safety of agricultural products. However, there are many kinds of agricultural plastic mesh bags on the market, and different products are suitable for different agricultural needs. This article will introduce how to choose agricultural plastic mesh bags and help farmers choose suitable packaging materials.

First, choose a plastic mesh bag with reliable quality.

A quality plastic mesh bag should be made of high-strength, abrasion-resistant materials that can withstand the weight of produce and the friction of transport. It is recommended to choose mesh bags made of food-grade plastic materials to ensure the hygiene and safety of agricultural products.

Second, consider the air permeability of the potato mesh bag.

Agricultural products need to breathe during storage and transportation. Plastic mesh bags with good air permeability can promote air circulation and reduce rot of agricultural products. Choosing a mesh hole with an appropriate size can not only ensure the smooth breathing of agricultural products, but also avoid the infestation of insect pests.

Third, choose the size and capacity suitable for the produce.

Different agricultural products have different sizes and weights, so it is necessary to choose mesh bags of different sizes and capacities. If you choose a mesh bag that is too small, it may cause extrusion deformation or insufficient storage of agricultural products; if you choose a mesh bag that is too large, it may increase the transportation cost and risk of agricultural products.

Fourth, check the quality of the mesh bag.

Before buying a pp mesh woven bag, it is recommended to check whether the adhesive tape is firmly bonded, and there is no looseness or damage. Also, check that the edges of the mesh bag are neat and free of obvious blemishes or damage.

In a word, choosing the right agricultural plastic mesh bag is very important to protect the quality and safety of agricultural products.

By choosing mesh bags with reliable quality, good air permeability and suitable size, and carefully checking their quality, farmers can ensure that their agricultural products will not be lost during storage and transportation. Therefore, when purchasing agricultural plastic mesh bags, choose carefully and make sure you choose a high-quality product.

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