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How to Build a Anti Wind Net?

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Now the number of plastic net products is increasing, such as building safety nets, insect nets, hail nets, anti wind nets, different types of products, it plays a different role, we must consider its role in the selection of products. And then build it. Take the windbreak net for example, it mainly plays the role of windbreak, together to understand how to build windbreak network.

When overlapping, it should be tight and reliable, there must be no cracks, built windbreak net, must not be dismantled or damaged during construction, and must be dismantled when there is no working height. Steel plastic grille and building windbreak mesh are welded together. The gap between the inner edge of the net and the wall should be less than 15cm. 

anti wind net

The distance between the bottom of the net and the surface of the object below is greater than 3m. The diameter of the small end of the wooden pole shall not be less than 7 cm, the diameter of the small end of the bamboo pole shall not be less than 8 cm, and the spacing of the poles shall not be greater than 4 M. Grid building safety net can be used in all kinds of construction sites, especially in high-rise buildings, and can be constructed in a fully enclosed way. This can effectively prevent people and objects from falling injury, prevent fire caused by welding sparks, reduce noise and dust pollution, achieve civilized construction, protect the environment, beautify the city.

Later, when we build the windbreak net, we can refer to the methods introduced by carportnet. The market demand for these products is still slowly increasing, the overall development trend of the industry is still very good, for investors, this is a worthwhile investment industry. 



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