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How to Build Waterproof Shade Net?

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The traditional shading net covering method of steel frame greenhouse is mainly manual shading. It covers at 9-10 am every day in midsummer high temperature period and unloads at 3-4 pm. It needs 3-4 people to operate and takes time and labor.

In addition, this method is affected by the friction between the shed and the film rope, which is not only labor-intensive, but also easy to damage the film and shading net. Other shading net covering methods and patents have the drawbacks of complex structure, high investment cost and difficult to popularize in production. So now the shading net shed is built to require economic and reliable support.

Waterproof shade net is mainly used to shade the sunshine of newly planted crops. If the crops are planted after three months to germinate and take root, at this time it is necessary to remove some of the nets properly, so that the shading net has a certain gap, so that the crops have appropriate sunlight, convenient for crop growth. After 5 months, the sun shading net can be completely dismantled. After that, there is no need to shade the net.

waterproof shade net

According to the shade net manufacturer, it is recommended that bamboo be used to build the scaffold pillars, and then a certain specification of wire in the top of the pillars back and forth like a spider web to pull, and then the purchase of shade net covered on top, and then tied with the usual packaging rope can be.

The scaffolding is about 1.5 meters to 2 meters tall, too high to be strong when the wind blows, and the sun can slant into it sooner or later. If it is too short, weeding is not very convenient. As for the distance between the pillars about 2 meters wide is more appropriate, too wide and unstable, too dense waste, of course, the greater the pillar density, the more stable.



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