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How To Choose Mesh Material According To Shade Rate?

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Whether it is friends engaged in vegetable cultivation or ordinary people, shading nets should not be unfamiliar. However, the shade net you know is not comprehensive. Here is a list of the common uses of the shade net for you by the shade net manufacturers.

When it comes to the common use of shade nets, we have to mention the shade in summer. Although there are many holes in the shading net, its shading effect is obvious to all. Therefore, in the summer playground, sports ground and kindergarten outdoor playground, we can basically see the net material produced by the shading net manufacturer, so it also approached our life.

black shade net—45g(6)

The same and different common use of summer shade is crop and vegetable, flower planting. Whether it is spring, summer or autumn and winter, the net material of the shading net manufacturer can appear in the fields and vegetable greenhouses. It plays many roles in vegetable, flower and crop cultivation, such as heat preservation, frost prevention, smash prevention, shade and so on, which adds another kind of common use.

In addition to the above applications, the common use of shade net also includes construction sites, that is, on sand piles and soil piles, workers can cover the shading nets at will, which can prevent the wind from blowing dust, not only ensure the cleanliness of the site, but also reduce the loss of building materials, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone.



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