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How Does the Price of Waterproof Shade Net Change with Species?

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Waterproof shading net are widely used in modern production and life, especially in agricultural production. The growth of some vegetables and fruits can not be separated from the role of waterproof shade net. Different waterproof net have different prices. So how does the price of the shade net change with the kind? Presumably many people don't understand it very well. Now let's introduce it to you. I believe you will understand it after reading our article.

The main purpose of summer cover cultivation is shading and cooling, especially shading. To uncover the shading net, we should flexibly grasp the light intensity and temperature according to the weather conditions and different vegetable types and different growth stages. Generally it is sunny cover, cloudy day uncover, morning cover, evening exposing, early cover, late growth stage. At present, black and silver grey are the most commonly used in vegetable cover cultivation.

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Black waterproof shade net is better than silver gray shading net in shading and cooling effect. It is generally used in summer and autumn high temperature season and cultivation of green leafy vegetables such as cabbage, dolls, coriander, celery, Chinese cabbage, spinach and so on. Silver-grey shading net has better light transmission and aphid avoidance. It is generally used in early summer and early autumn and for covering cultivation of crops with higher light requirements, such as radish, tomato, pepper and so on. For winter and spring anti icing cover, black, silver gray shading net can be. The effect is different and the price is different.

Through the introduction of the article, we know how the price of waterproof sunshade net changes with the kind, if you have any doubts, you can call us, our company as a professional waterproof shade net manufacturer, the production of high-quality wire shading net, the price is excellent, you will be satisfied, if you have any questions, we will recognize True answer, I believe you will gain something, please support it!



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